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2nd Post

Hi People of the Internet! Troubled times in Germany... The Corona Virus is raging around the World, and all the Meat-production facilities are a breeding ground for Covid-19! Maybe [beginning of wild theory] the Corona Virus has it‘s own moral system and wants to change the World for the better. Less polution, less killing of animals. That is IT! [end of wild theory]

But who knows. Me thinks, that once you start in alternative thinking, you let anything happen in your brain. You have to know that i have a little mental problem or illness, so that sometimes i can‘t tell the truth from made up facts (Fake News) but i think i am not the only person alive on this planet, who has these issues. A more scientific brain-OS would be really really helpful. The human thinking is very easily induced by mistakes and biases. Sometimes i think it is a mistery that anything works on this planet. But somehow here we are. Living until we die, and then something happens...

Okay enough with my weird sentences. I wish you all the best! I wish you peace of mind, and joy to your and your beloved ones!

Kind regards,


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