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Hi people,

i thought i let you in on some news regarding my life, as you might think: " Yo, whats up with your life??"

I am back in Oldenburg, Niedersachsen. I live in my birthhouse at the moment and am pursuing my career plans in sales. It's pretty much time to do so, but to be fair i have to say, it is not entirely my fault. Bureaucracy is slow. Very slow. And i have accepted the fact that things went a little different in my life. The plan is to build a shared flat in my parents house to create a nice living space for several cool dudes and dudesses. That is gonna be something unusual. I think i can enjoy that, as i like living with people that have same interests.

As far as the Artworld is concerned. I draw a little here and there but focus more on music nowadays

Here is a new Track i made with my longtime friend TNGX:

Taurus is a Band Project we've had for a while now. Check it out if you want to listen to some fresh stuff, or if you are curious what my voice sounds like.

So long,


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