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A path in art

Today i want to talk about the way art (my art) changes over time. I recently looked at older pieces of my work. One would think that progression is linear. That over time the works get better and better. More skillfull, more details, more everything. In a way that is the case, but it can also be the complete opposite. When i look at older works, especially the sketches, i kind of like the way the linework is put. In Music you often listen to a debut album of an artist and think: "Wow this is so cool. It's rough, has all the core elements and just is a breakthrough in sound and expression."

I see my own art in a similar way. But you have to consider the progression of the artist too. As you grow older you let go of certain ideas. You get smarter, you get a little wiser. You know and understand yourself a little better. The earlier works may be a little edgier which is always appealing to me, but i think art is like a good wine. It gets better with time. That is an advantage the artists have compared to sportsmen. A basketball player has to quit with, let's say 35 (Well Oldenburgs Legend Rickey Paulding is still playing with his now 39 years) but that is the exception. I guess that why people start painting in their later years in life, because the craft is available.

I try to pursue both goals. Art and Sports. I like to go the gym and do my workouts and also to play music or paint. I always try to be the best person i can be, even if that means to lay on the couch and watch a silly netflix movie.

A very difficult thing can be motivation or inspiration. These are two different things but for me they lean in the same direction. Because of my illness i had to struggle with fatigue problems. Everything was really hard to do. I was so tired all the time and i really had to beat myself up to go to sports for example. Now that got better, but i still have trouble building up the motivation to paint for instance.

So bottom line is: Make Art, Excercise, gain World Supremacy! ;)

Nah. Just enjoy life to the fullest!!



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