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Hi! What else should i say ?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hi peepz,

Today is the 10th of December 2021. It is 4:51 am. I am sitting in front of my computer with a cup of cappuccino and write this blog-entry to whoever is concerned or reading this. I think this page will be here after i am dead. LOL.

ROFL. Or something.

I did some new paintings in the past but to do something different from my usual routine i will not post them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH

Am i evil? Yes i am. They day, the night. You shook me all. Sometimes i'm a robot; sometimes i'm a dog. But BTS you will never mark me as batman. What riddle am i? (Answer: A Clown-dog).

No really. I take a drawing-class in the Volkshochschule (People-High-School) with the :irony[on]mind-dazzling, mindblowing, last course teacher :irony[off] Volker Holte. I really think i should give up hope of becoming a double digit millionaire by being an artist. I still have that dream. I mean i will become an apprentice at Citipost. That is a huge step forward for me. As you know i struggle with career-life big time. So i will get that shin-dig done. Period. End of the line. End of the story.

One day i will die. You won't i will. {[²³]--,,--´(Penis)

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