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How to decide what is art


Today i want to talk a little bit about art in general. Maybe you have wondered what sort of art you like. Lets start..

Art is a line around your thoughts.

― Gustav Klimt

It is a need in mankind to feel happy, to feel inspired. One's life is frustrating if you pursue pain and contemptment. It is possible, but the finer qualities lie in the beauty, the joy, sometimes even chaos. I want to surround myself with nice people, nice things and nice thoughts to make life worth living, because sometimes life can be so dull and frustrating. I need nice things to remind me of the beauty that lies in our existence.

If you want to dive into a piece of art you have to ask yourself: What am i seeing? From who is it, whats the story behind the work. Or even from which time period is it, what tools did the people from that time have? As time moves so quickly it can be a pretty grounding thing to look at an object and ask yourself these questions. The nice thing is: you can just enjoy something on a very basic level. If it gives you a good mood. Enjoy it, maybe buy it or make a picture of it and look at it every once in a while. The mind likes these activities, as hectic as the day can become.

warm colors

If you are an artist yourself, or want to become one you may have stumbled across the question if your art is good art, or even if it is art because you think you lack the skill. This is a thing you can only decide for yourself. The nice thing about being an artist is, that you can create, erase and alternate. There is always a big amount of "You" in your work. Your favors, your likings, your past and upbringing.

When i grew up the discussion was present if artists, for example musicians where "selling out", meaning just wanting to make money and not really caring about the product they create. Another best of album, the coffe mugs or the stickers, everything looked like a plan from artists to "betray" you. Well that was probably late puberty for me. I was a little insecure as a teen and even later until my mid-twenties. Nowadays i do not even waste a thought on some artist betraying me as his most sincere and No.1 Fan. :)

But art lies in many places: Video Games, Music, Paintings, Sculptures and the list goes on. If you want to dive deeper into the art world, with all the drama and glamour there is plenty of literature available. A little effort is required and laying on your couch watching Netflix is much easier than going to an art exibit but very well worth it. You will experience the changing of yourself to a more diverse human being.

So long,


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