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Leavin' Berlin

Hey dear Reader! I have decided to leave my new favorite home Berlin to go back to Oldenburg, the city i came from. It was a tough decision because i felt good on this town. Yes Berlin is dirty mean and ugly but definetly has it's charm. The main reason is the Situation in my home. Too many drugs are involved in this place. My flatmates are not what you can actually call good influence. Ketamine, MDMA, Speed, Cocaine are regular visitors in this hellhole. Definetly not my taste! I mean party is good, and fun is great but fucking your brain up with these flamethrowers.. Nah. I wanna keep my sanity, thank you!

So i feel a little like this cactus.. Strong, not the prettiest but manages to survive :)

We will see if i can manage to move back to Berlin when i find a decent place of my own, or maybe start something in Oldbenburg. I have Ideas of an artist-shared-flat or a gallery. We will see, and time will tell. Berlin Farewell!

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