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New Artpiece and some news

Hi People. It's me again, your favorite, loud and scenebusting art-guy ;) After A long while i decided to work on my paintings again.

So i decided to fill my last huge canvas in the size: 150cmx100cm which is quite a beast in Size. According to the painting you can see myself in a mix between english and german on Youtube.

This is the Link: Hi World - YouTube

I talk a bit about the new painting and explain in more detail what the piece represents.

But let me SHow you what i did this time:

"3-eyed-blight-sight" 150cmx100cm Year: 2021

For some reason i thought: "Damn, i am 39 Years old and still think monstercreatures are cool.. Let's paint a bunny-monster with 3 eyes and 3 ears. To hell with Symmetry. XD. And this is what i came up with. Now this beauty lights up our stairs in our house.

Again let me know your thoughts about my stuff. Do you like it? Do you think its crap? I am always interested in finding out what you think.

And again: If you want a certain piece, or want a custom painting made by me, contact me. We can arrange something.

So long,


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