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Nothing New, except

Hi Folks,

i thoüught i give you a little update. I am bold now. Haha i hated my bold spots on my head so i shaved my big head. I like it. It feels good.

Here is my new me. It's all about me. Always and always and always.

Haha just kidding..

So you are you holding on, dear viewer. Leave a comment or drop a message. I will get in touch with you. Maybe i can help you, maybe you can help me..

This is from my old band "Slaughtered Corpses of Destruction". Damn that was a long time ago. We were young, drunk, and full of struggles. Listen to it if you want. Maybe this reminds you of something..

This is an old drawing from my sketchbook. I kind of like it. I think i was not feeling too well at that time. It is a good channel to let out the inner demons methinks.

So long,

Have a god one!


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