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The 7 (passively) deadly sins

Welcome! Stay, and judge for yourself.. maybe it is your wish to learn something, maybe your mind seeks reflection or ease, that is what i look for. Maybe I look more ease and relaxation than i would really need, but hey.. you only live once. Why not make it count? You strife for the matter in life anyhow.. i am pretty sure you and I can make things happen. succeed in life and find your real passion maybe. Maybe. Maybenot. At least i will make that first step on my journey to my own glorious destiny. At least this is what it feels like atm.

1 Hochmut / Pride

High self esteem can be seen. False pride can also be seen if you wear a soup bowl on your head. Not pretty. This can be seen in many ways. My take is the comical approach. Look, what the magical mirror has in store for you.. look it’s Ronaldo

But that Beerbelly is sooooo nice..

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