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The artist, the critic

Hi !

Today i want to talk about the (my) creative process when things don't go extremely well. Maybe you know this: You work on a piece. You have the intention to create something extraordinary. It has to be IT.

This happens to me quite often. I wish i knew what happens when i do this. For example which moon circle i am in at the moment or if my underwear matches the colour of my shirt. Because setting to high of a goal can be quite a hassle. To me art makes the most fun if im having ideas that are not too complicated, for example if i'm painting a dog like this one.

This is a good example of a simple object for painting. The Object is cute and drawn in simple lines. The colours have a nice contrast (Yellow and Pink)

Today i finished a painting i don't like the most out of my whole collection but see and rate for yourself:

If i would have to rate this piece i'd give it a 6/10. It has some rough lines which i mostly like. I don't enjoy high gloss works that look like a picture of something. I mean i admire the perfection if people can draw like that and have the patience to stay focused for such a long time, but i want to be happy when i paint and do not want to torture myself.

So as you might see i try to find a working mindset how to adress art. There are days when i look at the canvas where my unfinished painting is standing and i think: " Oh boy, in the near future i have to get done with this piece of +#)%.

At least now i start to paint over some of my older works, because luckily i am over the phase that every thing i create is something very unique. I mean it is unique, just like every person on earth is, but it is not a masterpiece. Logically it can't be!

Okay, so much about art and the creative process...

Have a good day and say something nice to someone you love!!

Regards, Matthias

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