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Understanding my Art

Hey guys and gals.. Today is Saturday, Not so many degrees, Mixed Weather in Berlin. There is some demonstrations going on today. The Nazis, the Corona-guys, Freedom fighters and i bet some other crazies. I will throw myself in this moshpit today. But i really want to talk about art now. My art. In case you wonder, care or are bored. To me it it is a very interesting field in Life. There are rules, there are possibilities, limits and a lot of freedom. Truly incredible. Sometimes i wish i could see what the creator felt like, or was like when i see a work of someone. I dunno.

But now to my Work. This is the thing of today:

The first glimpse of this picture is maybe some blur. Distorted blue. Distorted Yellow and a lot of Black. Figures shapes.Goblins and a dolphin. Some text. For example: "My dark side is black". Weird figures i drew. They look like a childhood friend of mine drew them like. One could argue that this piece is random. Totally Random. And they are right. Just like in life there is so much that seems unappropriate or undone. What i mean is this: you meet someone, while your idea is "Man am i hungry". It has nothing to do with each other.

Here is a dolphin playing with a waterball:

"The mind is a wonderful thing. It can dream" - Me

My work is mostly rougher than the work of most painting artists. I think.. When i look at instagram there is many artists that just start out. They draw anime or something fancy. It seems beauty is the way to express what you feel. Colorful and beautiful, fancy and neat.

[Note to self: Matze, try to draw something nice and pure for once]

"Yellow Man, Rabbit"

Yesterday evening i went to a dating event caled face 2 face dating. I do this sometimes because it is interesting. You get team members assigned. Your dating team. Yesterday we were 4 people in this team. Dariusz, Jenny, Katrin and Me. Katrin, a psychologist was really the kind of girl you want to party with, sadly i was not in a drinking mood. Nowadays i rarely am. I am so happy that i do not drink alcohol like is used to. I don't mean to over-emphasize on the drug problem, but i just like myself more, when my mind is sober and clear. At least cut out the booze. I am a little messed up anyways, so why amplify that even more ? One guy that evening was a reporter for the Big german newspaper "Welt". I think he was 32 and really smart. The whole group started to joke that they would buy paintings off me. A little funny and a little foolish. I am just happy that i found my way back into Art-mode again. I was really depressed because i let my work down and got sloppy with my work because i did not get any sales out the hopes and dreams i build up with the new domain.

I like the ink-brushpen i used with this painting. There is so many nice possibilities possible with this. Small thin lines. Big emphasis too. I Love it. Lettering or writing in general is a beautiful art. I think it is a real challange to write something. Then draw,then write and so on. You never really know where you are mentally. But you are always on the page or medium. Sometimes my mind drifts and then i want to focus on something completely different, like music or food but it feels like i should really just focus on the piece of paper i am working on. Weird. Thoughts are so powerful sometimes.

This is the goblin i mentioned before. All you can see is his mushroom-like head and his vile smile, or grin is not in the painting itself. You can imagine. You can imagine.

Okay so much for today. Now i am off to explore glorious adventures in the world of Berlin. I am truly happy to be here. ! (!) [!]

Have a wonderful day, let good energies guide you!

Matthias Straßer

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