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Urban Sketching

Hi guys and gals,

today i want to give you an update on my latest works. In case you follow my page regularly, feel free to contact me. I would really like to know who is lurking around on here :). Even if its just the regular troll wanting to mess around.

I have been attending the urban sketching courses here in Oldenburg and we went to the train station and Schirrmann's the local youth hostel which has some interesting architecture.



This is a little sketch of our Train Station in Oldenburg. I really messed up the people in this picture. Usually i am able to draw people better than this, but i added them very quickly at the very end of the process. A Mistake i will not make again to add something too quickly just because i think i have to... :)

Youth Hostel Schirrmann's

Picture of my Point of view

Here you can see the Youth hostel. What i saw and what i drew.. It is a very crazy building and not as easy to draw as you would imagine. One could think: Well its cubic.. just lines and you are done, but getting the proportions right and the linework is one mean son of a gun. I also added some crazy curvy lines just for the fun of it.

I will try to attend these courses more regularly from now on, as i want to progress with my drawing skills as much as i can. It always feels easier when you draw together with other people. Drawing can make me feel a little lonely sometimes.

This is a little sketch i drew in the restaurant. I will also attend another drawing class next month in our local vhs (Volkshochschule). That will make a lot of fun and i am really looking forward to that.

So long dear (not forever) unk