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Why i decided to go full artist

I decided about 3 Months ago to focus completely on my art. In my life, especially the business part fell extremely short. It is not like it is THE most important thing, however subconsciously in our western civilization it is extremely easy to jump on the money train and ride your brain to money-town.

-Why not take the “big“ brush ?

At this point in my life, i am 38 years old now, most of my friends are married, have kids and are settled. I stand out like a flamingo in a herd of zebras. :) It feels good that i moved to Berlin, as there are more people in a similar situation like me (single).

One could say: It is not too late, you can still become a good german. Just get a proper education and join the working society. To tell the truth, this lifestyle has some advantages. A well formed daily routine for example. But even being unemployed and getting HARTZ IV is not the worst thing that can happen to you. The money is utterly low, but at least you have the day for your own. And i can focus on my art business, which is a big benefit for me. Thank you society!

- Don‘t take things for granted

There are reasons why i am, where i am in my life. A big part of that is my mental illness, as i suffer psychosis. I am doing okay at the moment, but a regular 9-5 job is extremely difficult to do for me.

I made a deal with myself to pursue the dream of becoming a self-funded artist for at least 2-3 Years and if i still cannot live off my profits i have to become a prostitute or something (Anyone interested? ;) ).

So i welcome you to go on this journey with me. Let‘s find out how hard it is to become a known artist in Berlin. Let‘s have some popcorn with that. :)



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