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Workin' it!

Hi! I do updates more regularly i suppose. That is nice. It is Sunday, 22th of August and outside it is raining. I think i need some warmth and comfort. I think the new painting fulfills that gap. So without further ado here it is:

Apart from the painting, i will finally be entering the working world. Finally! Will i be able to make it, pull it through, keep my head up ? Only time will tell...

But fact is: I have way too much time for free spending. It seems very ironical to me that once you have freedom, you can do nothing with it. I mean living easy, living free sounds nice, but if everyone else you know has a job you find yourself with your back to the wall. Not the perfect place to be..

Hopefully the music projects will be more successful too in the future. I mean some things you can control, but there is always so much stuff that you can't. I don't wanna make excuses. I want to make it right!



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